Scheduled Maintenance

CST/CDT: 10:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m
GMT/GMT+1: 4:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m
EST/EDT: 11:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.

Services Affected
The updates cover the Onsight hosted platform including Onsight Platform Manager, SIP Service and TeamLink.
Please note that Onsight TeamLink may experience interruptions in service during this Maintenance period.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Support or phone at +1.204.487.0612 or 1.800.849.5507.


Librestream provides technical help desk support by email and phone. For Onsight branded hardware, you can contact the help desk to access warranty services using an RMA. All support inquiries are tracked with ticket numbers, which you are encouraged to request for ongoing follow-up.


To maximize your Onsight deployment, Librestream provides customized training, deployment and adoption services. These services include assistance such as project planning, communications materials, training material development and delivery, and usage reporting and analysis. Customers with TDA programs in place access a rich library of training documents, video, and launch materials. Contact us to learn more.


Customers create a unique experience for their internal and external stakeholders through the Powered by Librestream customer branding service. Your brand will be visible immediately to your teams, customers, or supply chain partners while interacting with the mobile apps. For an even more tightly integrated experience, integrate Onsight within your own application.  Contact us to learn more.

Release Bulletins

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Onsight Platform Manager Release V9.1.18

Onsight Platform Manager

OPM Version 9.1.18 expands the core functionality in Reporting, Customization, Group Policy, and External Guest invites. The specific changes include the following:

Heat Maps

User Activity can now be viewed as quantity-based graphics on maps. There are two types available when the ‘Advanced Reporting’ feature is enabled for a domain: Login Activity and Call Statistics. The bigger the dot, the more activity at that location on the map.

User Custom Fields

The OPM Administrator can now add Custom Fields and define the values for the fields. In an upcoming release, these fields will be able to be used as a filter and be exported in reports.

User Account Information

View additional status/details on the User page including Country, Last Call, Last Callee name and last Workspace login. User Custom Fields are also displayed.

Bandwidth Reports

Bandwidth is now reported in duration and MB consumed per User Account and can be filtered for Top Usage, Least Usage, Device type, and Cellular vs Non-Cellular (wired and wireless).

Customization – Test Emails and SMS Messages

When editing Email and SMS templates, preview them by sending test Emails and/or SMS messages.

Customization – Reply to Address

OPM can now be configured to use a custom Reply-to-address for system emails.

External Guest – Invitation Defaults

OPM can now be configured to use the Inviter’s Email Address as the From-email-address when sending External Guest Invites. The guest will now see the Guest invite as coming directly from the Inviter. OPM User Accounts must have an email address configured in order to use this feature.

Group Policy – Default Contact Lists

The OPM Administrator can now add Custom Contact lists on a per Group basis. When a group is added to the contact list, the group members will automatically appear in the Contact List when a user logs in to an Onsight Connect client.