Release Notes

Spring 2021

New Features

Onsight Connect – Auto Call Reconnect

Auto Call Reconnect is Librestream’s latest commitment to improving the user experience in Onsight calls. Poor network conditions can interrupt calls without warning and when this happens Onsight will notify all users in the call and automatically work to re-establish the connection

Guest Invite – Custom Fields and Form Options

You now have more options and greater control over Guest Invites and how they are used across your organization. You can include custom fields on the guest invite form to tag the invites for tracking how guest invites are used. You can also place greater discretion in the hands of your users as to the capabilities of your guests. For example, let your users decide whether the guest should be in expert or field mode when the invite is being sent or how long the guest account should be active.

Onsight Azure Active Directory – SCIM 2.0

Librestream is pleased to add Azure Active Directory – SCIM 2.0 support for our enterprise customers. Onsight users can now be managed from your enterprise’s AAD service closing the loop on user management life cycle.

Onsight Platform Manager – License Management – User Import

An OPM administrator can now manage license assignments using the Import utility. Add or modify license assignments by exporting the list of users, edit their license assignments directly in the .csv file and then import the list to apply the update.

Onsight Connect – UI Refresh  

We’ve listened to your feedback and have brought back the On share button. Also included is updated Settings panels with auto save when the back button is pressed.



Released Versions

Onsight Connect




Onsight Platform Manager
Onsight Platform Manager – On Premises



Resolved Issues


5971  Improved NLP language list control.
7245  Improved non-licensed user message upon initial login to explicitly state call license status.
7306  Text telestration font size no longer increases when the photo is saved.



Onsight Connect for Windows

6970 The Thumbnail Privacy icon is no longer cropped.
7160 Fixed IoT button for enabling visualization in the ViewFinder.
8737 Fixed exception when stopping recordings when ‘Media Path’ is a network drive
8785  Fixed error when Local image capture taken after switching media paths.



Onsight Connect for iOS

6509  Side panel is properly displayed if camera permissions were not granted.
9037  iOS 14.6 – timing issue on switching input fields resolved.


Onsight Connect for Android

4972  VPN connection error correctly handled.
8948  Subject audio is now streamed when enabled.


Onsight Connect for Vuzix

5287 Item numbers can now be used in the share dialog.



Onsight Platform Manager

4961  Self-Registration Welcome email is now localized.
5536 reCAPTCHA setting being ignored when type is set to off or Onsight fixed.
5585  Self-Registration French language support fixed.
6755  Heat map location anomalies removed.
7128  Custom field error message is now cleared when closing the dialog.
8075  Autocomplete disabled on sensitive form fields.



Onsight Workspace

4879  Maintenance updates for webserver components.
7852 Maintenance updates for database components.


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