Release Notes

Spring 2020

New Features

Computer Vision and IoT

Onsight supports Computer Vision (CV) and IoT capabilities. Optimize asset recognition, auto-tag, and search with Onsight Computer Vision. Deliver critical data to workers in the field using Onsight IoT Aggregation & Visualization. Computer Vision and IoT services. Early Access Program registration is required.


  • IoT Aggregation and Visualization i.e. real-time IoT data aggregation displayed on screen
  • OCR text detection
  • Object detection and location with bounding boxes
  • Image tagging with OCR text, object tags and IoT asset properties
  • CV auto-tagging for manual or auto-uploaded images to Workspace
  • Content management in Workspace using AI insights from the CV tags


Cube Body Thermal Mode

The Onsight Cube-R and Cube-Ex have expanded thermal capabilities with the addition of Body thermal mode for temperature screening of individuals. Select the Skin emissivity setting to display an onscreen color bar indicating the body temperature range to guide relative temperature comparisons. Monochrome coloring in the image indicates objects that are outside of the body temperature range. Body mode distinguishes relative temperature differences within +/-0.625°C or +/-1.125°F.  A thermal reference target of 35°C / 95°F is used to identify relative temperature differences. Cube v11 firmware is required.

Android Software AEC

Onsight now supports the option to use a Software Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) when an Android device’s built-in echo canceller is not eliminating echo.

Released Versions

Onsight Connect




Onsight Platform Manager
Onsight Platform Manager – On Premises



Cube Firmware 2020.4.22.1231

Resolved Issues


3633 Spanish translation updates on all clients.



Onsight Connect for Windows

3177 Windows 10 1607 LTSB BT Radio Manager error addressed.
3595 Windows 10 failure to launch resolved.


Onsight Connect for Android

3438 OC for Android: Subject Audio echo fixed – ‘Enable Noise Suppression’ is on by default to prevent echo. Customers who wish to hear ambient sound may turn off noise suppression, however echo may be heard on some Android devices due to their echo cancellation implementation.
3550 Android 10 device’s background call notification.
3731 Software AEC option added.


Onsight Connect for iOS

3231 Confirmation dialog properly sized.
3239 Telestration text is properly sized on shared High Resolution images.


Onsight Connect for RealWear

664 QR Code – non-ASCII quotes supported.


Onsight Connect for Vuzix

3552 Voice command and item number added for ‘Choose another Network’ option.
3553 Scrolling command enabled in Cube settings.
3803 Voice recognition no longer disabled by recording Cube video.
3807 Audio quality no longer affected after M400 reboot.
3808 Voice Audio is now heard by remote participants when Subject Audio is disabled.
3844 The default phrase ‘Hello Vuzix’ replaces ‘Onsight’ as the wake word for voice recognition .
3849 Echo from M400 no longer heard in calls with Windows PC (f.w. v.1.2.1 recommended on the M400).
3946 QR Codes for logins support for double quotes.



Onsight Platform Manager

3826 Group edits are now recorded in the Events log.
3794 HttpOnly flag set on all cookies. Session ID regenerated after login.
834 Message Customization – From Email address settings are now used when selected.



3302 Image Sharing with TeamLink enabled.



2847 The call folder’s download button is now enabled.


Sales & Customer Support


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