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Known Issues

All Clients

3952: TeamLink: Dubai and UAE calls must use TeamLink to avoid RTP blocking in these countries.



3057: Cube Spot Temperature – does not respond to long presses on touch panel displays. Workaround: use a mouse with a long-left button press to place the spot temperature at the desired location.
2550: Windows Bluetooth driver – older drivers may cause intermittent disconnects when BTLE pairing with the Cube. Update your PC’s BTLE drivers to get the best performance.
1817: Reconnecting USB-C audio headset causes loss of audio when in a call.
17669: Focus is disabled on menu when Cube is the remote video source.
16725: Sharing the same high-resolution images multiple times in the same session will result in duplicates of the same image.
16580: High resolution images embedded in Onsight recordings will not be played back, the low-res version of the image will be displayed. Telestration may be offset in the low-res version.
15440: Onsight Connect stops working during launch, fault module is datetimeoverlay.dll. Work around: install Windows update ‘Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems’.
15159: Onsight Connect fails to launch when laptop is docked (Dell D6000 docking station graphics driver doesn’t support OpenGL). Workaround: keep the laptop lid open so OpenGL initializes on the PC instead of trying to run the dock’s graphic driver.
14288: Client Policy: WebEx and Software Updates settings have been omitted, they will be added in an upcoming release.
14242: When attempting an SSO login if the wrong proxy settings are entered the user may receive a ‘Logged in offline’ prompt. The user should have received a ‘Change Proxy Settings’, ‘Login Offline’ or ‘Cancel’ message. Workaround: change the proxy settings.
13147: Starting Onsight Connect over a Remote Desktop connection in Windows 8 and earlier may cause the app to freeze due to a lack of OpenGL 2 support in the Remote Desktop connection. Ref
12576: Viewfinder goes black when used with hardware acceleration on AMD encoders. When Settings-General-Video And Image OptionsHardware Acceleration – On – is enabled, Onsight Connect v7.0 / 7.1 is setup to use the hardware encoder, it is unable to stream video. Workaround: Turn off hardware acceleration to force the use of software encoding.
12126: Recording a Video stream from an Onsight Hub may be stopped if the Onsight Hub’s attached video source is temporarily interrupted. E.g. The Onsight Hub is attached via HDMI to a PC monitor as the video source, if the PC monitor goes to sleep the Hub will switch video sources. This will stop the recording on the Onsight Windows PC that is receiving the video stream.
11560: Video Recording may fail during a live stream. After upgrading an older system to Windows 10, it may have used the default “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter” and not the manufacturer’s updated Windows 10 Driver. To resolve the issue, update the video driver to the Manufacturer’s Windows 10 Display driver.
10544: The Onsight Connect for Windows software v7.0 update will prompt users to confirm Firewall access to the Onsight Application the first time it is run. The Firewall confirmation will occur even though Firewall access may have been granted for previous Onsight Connect installations, i.e. v6.4 or less. Subsequent post v7.0 updates will not require additional FW confirmation. Ref 10544
7352: While streaming live video between an OD and Onsight Connect PC, double-clicking an lmc recording on the PC will not launch the recording on the PC but the OD will enter file playback mode.
7240: It is possible for the Firewall Detect test to report that the SIP ports are disabled even though a Firewall rule has been enabled to allow SIP traffic to a specific SIP Server address. This is due to the fact that the Firewall Detect test uses the TeamLink server as the destination address for all ports being tested. Since the TeamLink server has not been added to the Firewall rule as an allowed destination the Firewall Detect test reports the SIP ports are disabled. This will result in the Onsight software using TeamLink instead of sending SIP/Media traffic directly to the SIP Server.
6743: Email Sender Address on the Customization page is being treated as a From address instead of a reply-to-address. Changing this value from the default will cause password change requests to fail.
With some Nvidia graphic cards, telestration will result in the video window blanking. Workaround is to switch the Onsight Expert’s video renderer to OpenGL.
Computers with Norton Antivirus may report a security alert for the first time the application receives an incoming call. To correct this select “Permit” to allow the communication to proceed.
Cisco VPN Client firewall may block connections even through Windows Network Connections show as disabled. To correct this disable the “Stateful Firewall (Always ON)” with the Cisco VPN Client.
With some combinations of graphic cards and drivers the application may not operate correctly when the computer is configured for multiple displays. Update the video drivers to the latest version and if this does not correct the issue then operate the application on the primary display or do not operate the host PC with multiple displays during a call.
Some graphic cards and display drivers may disable DirectDraw support after switching display resolution or switching between multiple monitors. Consult for advice in correcting this issue.




4040: Language Localization strings on iPad Pro are overset.
4029: Overset text on Cube Settings panel when ‘Bluetooth is disabled’ warning is displayed.
3532: iOS Dark Mode UI not supported.
2641: Users must set Language = Portuguese (Portugal) and Region = Portugal in order for OC to use Portuguese (Portugal) in the app.
17443:  Wi-Fi Direct for iOS is not supported for iOS10.
16580: High resolution images embedded in Onsight recordings will not be played back, the low-res version of the image will be displayed. Telestration may be offset in the low-res version.
16914: iOS 11.x devices may fail to USB connect to the Hub due to a known issue with Apple MFi certified accessories. Updating the iOS device to a later version may resolve the issue.
16746: The Huawei Honor 7 (Android) video decoder is not compatible as a video source streaming 1080p video to iOS devices, a green screen will result on the iOS device.
14052: When manually installing a certificate, it is no longer automatically trusted for SSL/TLS. You must explicitly turn on “full trust” for the certificate.

Apple Ref:

10775: V6.7: “Video decoder not found Please update your device to iOS8.x to decode incoming video properly”. 64-bit devices running iOS7 do not have a video decoder installed and therefore are unable to decode incoming video. Solution is to upgrade to iOS v8.X.
10395: V6.7 – Users may experience video packet loss when a Cell phone call is in progress during an Onsight Session over a cellular data connection. Work around is to switch to a smaller bandwidth media configuration.
10393: V6.7 – Call Continuity notifications are not enabled on iOS 8 devices, Onsight calls

that are interrupted by incoming Cell or Facetime calls will be put into the

background and remain active.

9755: iOS 8 or higher – Shared image is occasionally black in Viewer. Workaround – draw on the screen to force a refresh.
8241: Proxy using NTLM authentication will cause Onsight Connect to lose communication with Onsight web services. Work arounds include restarting the app or using Digest Authentication for the Proxy.
8619: GPS Altitude is incorrectly displayed as 0 meters when included in images.
8381 and 8387: iOS 7 may terminate Onsight Connect when it is in the background on iPhone 4/4S (may also occur on iPod Touch 5th generation and iPad2 and iPad mini). This will cause the app to relaunch when the user may have thought the app was already running.
7811: GPS Location and and date overlay not visible using the default position on the video window. Double tap the screen to fit the video and bring the GPS, date and time into view.
7840: Image properties will be lost if a resized image is sent in an Email. iOS strips the EXIF tags from images that are resized. To avoid losing information associated with the images taken within Onsight Connect, send images as ‘Actual Size’. This will preserve the image properties and embedded telestration.
6845: Recordings started during a Session are not automatically stopped when the session ends. The user must return to the Collaboration Window to stop the recording.
7199: iPad cannot share two consecutive recordings to Cisco (Tandberg) E20.





16913: Email body text must be added to an email when sending images or recordings as attachments. Blank body text may result in the failure to attach the files to the email.
16908: Call Continuity does not work on some Android v6.0.1 (Marshmallow) devices.
16788: Recorded video is choppy on Galaxy Note 4 with Android v6.0.1 (Marshmallow).
16580: High resolution images embedded in Onsight recordings will not be played back, the low-res version of the image will be displayed. Telestration may be offset in the low-res version.
16020: Incoming call notifications are not received when App is in the background. Devices known to be affected are Nexus 5 and 6 (Android 6), and Pixel 2 and 2XL (Android 8).
13160: Recording/Streaming 720p/1080p video at >10 fps may appear to stutter. Librestream recommends not exceeding 10fps for these resolutions.
13473: Some older Android smartphones don’t support or have limited OpenGL features, telestration may not appear as smooth on these devices. E.g. XT925 and Samsung S3.
11188: HTC One devices may occasionally freeze the video when streaming in low light. To fix stop and restart the video stream.
10803: SIP-TCP is not supported by all Android Phones. Support is dependent on whether the phone has included fixes to the common kernel code in v3.10. If SIP-TCP does not work on your Android Phone the work around is to use SIP-TLS as the transport.  Note: that it is always more secure to use SIP-TLS as the transport to protect the encryption key exchange between SIP endpoints when using media encryption.




4065: The ‘Toggle mic’ tooltip is not aligned in Spanish localization.
8701: GPS co-ordinates not displayed on RealWear OS 12.




2190: SSO logins require the user to manually press the Onsight Connect launch button.
2550: M300XL is unable to accept calls when the app is in the background.
2573: M300XL Chinese localization fonts improperly displayed.
2757: Voice command for Cube file download not supported.


Onsight Platform Manager

4021: Deleting contacts when logged into OPM may be delayed when the same account is logged in on multiple devices.
235: Timed out log in attempts to OPM may create multiple sessions in database. This is not a common occurrence and is not an Onsight client issue.
247: Google chrome won’t allow scrolling of the heat map results.
744: Date ranges 2 years or more will cause the heatmap to time out.
755: The SSO ‘Open Onsight Connect for Windows’ dialog not localized for languages.
736: Unexpected Error can occur when selecting user groups when the page is still loading.
17392: Multiple part SMS message templates using {{smsbreak}} defined in OPM Customization, can be delivered out of order. Any content after an SMS break is sent in a separate SMS message.
17357: The call duration value is not updated in Call Statistics between two clients unless the video stream is restarted during the call or the refresh button is pressed. This is only when the call is active, once the call ends the call duration is properly recorded.
16890: SSO login attempt may receive ‘Couldn’t Contact Server’ error when using Manual proxy configuration. Press OK and try again to complete the login.
16715: High Resolution Image Sharing is not supported in Conference Calls. V9.1 will not support High-res images with multiple call participants. One-to-One calls will support High-res image sharing.
16580: High resolution images embedded in Onsight recordings will not be played back, the low-res version of the image will be displayed. Telestration may be offset in the low-res version.
13163: German characters in Onsight user name causes SIP Registration to fail. E.g. “üs€”
7878: Characters that the SIP specification RFC3261 either does not allow or requires escaping are not supported for Onsight Account User Names or SIP URIs. The subset of allowed characters is now as follows (separated by commas…comma itself is not actually allowed). A-Z, a-z, 0-9, -, _, ., !, ~, ‘, (, ), &, $



2750: Workspace API, querying documents by geographic coordinates is not currently supported.
2751: Workspace API, querying documents based on the document creator’s email address is not currently supported.
2282: Invalid author entry in Content Connector causes all documents to be displayed on the search panel.
1542: Events are not being added to Activity and History tabs.
16947: Onsight recordings made in offline mode (not in a call) can not be played back in Microsoft Edge.
16580: High resolution images embedded in Onsight recordings will not be played back, the low-res version of the image will be displayed. Telestration may be offset in the low-res version.
16554: Workspace performance is slow when accessing it from the 5000HD smart camera.
16544: Smartphones with small displays can not view the Workspace Analytics page in it’s entirety.
15471: Firefox does not play audio when viewing videos in the Workspace. Internet Explorer 11 has general performance issues. Safari iOS 10.1 and below (Onsight video will not show telestration on playback in the Workspace).
15076: Users must be logged in to be correctly directed to the document link contained within email notifications. If a user receives a notification, login to Workspace then click the link.
15013: Low memory devices cause Safari to lose it session and forces a user to login again to access the Workspace.
14940: Editing Metadata will clear unsaved telestration. When editing an image if a user edits the Metadata before saving any telestration edits, the telestration edits will be lost.

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