Release Notes

Onsight Meetings February 2023

Release Date: February 22, 2023


New Features

Onsight Meetings

Schedule Onsight Meetings using an Outlook add-in. Include Onsight users and guests.

Affected Documents:

  1. How To: Access Onsight Meetings Outlook Add-in .

New Onsight Language support for NLP

As part of our continued global effort to help customers overcome language barriers, we are introducing new languages to our translation capability – Now at 44 languages. The additional languages include: Arabic Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Indonesian.

Affected Documents:

  1. Onsight Translator (NLP) Guide — Changes to pages 5, 11, and 31.

RealWear Navigator 500 Support

Support for the Navigator 500 Telephoto mode and multi-party calling (3 participants in a call).

Affected Documents:

  1. Onsight RealWear User Guide — Changes to pages 31 and 33.

Computer Vision Doc Links support for Regex Expressions

CV Doc links include Regex to process text for pattern matching, recognition and validation.

Affected Documents:

  1. Computer Vision IoT User Guide — Changes to pages 5 and 24.
  2. How To: Generate Onsight Computer Vision Document Links for OCR, Barcodes & QR codes using regex with DocLinks.

Transcription Notification

A transcription notification has been added for customers using transcription to alert users that transcription is enabled for the call. Users who do not wish to be recorded or have their dialog transcribed can leave the call.

Affected Documents:

  1. Onsight Workspace User Guide — Change to page 41.
  2. Onsight How To: Access Transcripts in Onsight Workspace — Change to page 1.

Additional Updates

  • Windows SSO Silent Install – configure SSO domain using the install package.
  • OPM & Workspace Maintenance improvements
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


Released Versions


Onsight Connect




Onsight Platform Manager
Onsight Platform Manager – On Premises
Onsight Workspace
Onsight Workspace API 32047
NLP API 31947


Resolved Issues


Onsight Connect Platform

14606 Fixed the disabling of Cellular data not being applied properly to client policy. 
15307 Video lag increase with 5th participant in call fixed.
15779 Fixed Japanese/Chinese unicode characters displaying properly when using the telestration text tool.

Onsight Connect for iOS

11045 Fixed app crash on SSO with offline-login enabled.
14358 Fixed auto-login on guest invite or branded apps.


Onsight Connect for Android

14363 Japanese voice commands fixed.
13110 Lenovo A3 camera orientation fixed.
14375 Text transcription on Honeywell device fixed.
15245 Intermittent Cube Pairing Issue in Android 11 and up.
17867 NLP Transcriptions on Android devices fixed.
18587 NLP translator captions from English to Georgian improved.


Onsight Connect for RealWear HMT

14363 Japanese voice commands fixed.
14584 Voice Commands for CV Custom Links are now supported.


Onsight Connect for Vuzix

14602 Voice Commands for CV Custom Links are now supported.



Onsight Platform Manager

7150  Fixed Custom media configurations not being pushed to clients when the ‘Custom Profiles’ permission was disabled for clients. Custom media configurations created in OPM by the administrator are now sent to the clients when the ‘Custom Profiles’ permission is disabled.
25136  Fixed the display of Global Directory External Contacts. The external contacts of the user were being displayed rather than the domain level External Contacts when configuring Default contacts.


Onsight Workspace

14096 Fixed Whitespace issue on some pages.
14669 Fixed Text overlap when hovering over some UI elements.

Known Issues