Summer 2020

New Features

Onsight Translator (NLP) – Enterprise Early Access Program

Librestream is pleased to announce the Natural Language Processing capabilities of the Onsight Translator – Early Access Program for Onsight Connect. Onsight Translator provides real-time translated captions during Onsight calls.

For information on the Early Access Program, please contact your account manager or email us at

Custom Messages

Onsight Administrators can now add custom messages appearing at login or prior to recording allowing for security clearance, GDPR, company policy agreements, etc. Users must accept the terms in order to proceed with login or recordings

Guest Invite APIs

The Onsight Guest Invite API expands the existing Onsight integration options and allows external systems to leverage the benefits of the Onsight platform in established workflows.

This API provides the following:

  • Creating Onsight guest accounts and sending invitations through email or SMS
  • Querying and retrieving existing guest accounts and the invitation status
  • Modifying and resending invitations to guests
  • Modifying guest account properties
  • Deleting guest accounts

Workspace On-Premises

Workspace On-Premises brings content management to your private networks including full integration with OPM-OP, Workspace REST API and clients.

Released Versions

Onsight Connect




Onsight Platform Manager
Onsight Platform Manager – On Premises


Resolved Issues


2481 Telestration text scaling issue resolved on HD image sharing.
3523 Participant panel – Share buttons no longer become disabled during multiparty calls.
3633 Spanish localization updates to all clients.
3954 Custom application links now launch the correct app version.



Onsight Connect for Windows

3563 No Microphone detected error is now properly handled.
3818 Windows Video subsystem warning is now displayed when video drivers are out of date.
4981 Audio gain no longer increases during a call – this prevents the echo after 30 mins symptom.
5101 Windows 7 is not supported by Summer 2020 v11.2. Onsight v11.0 is the last released version supporting Windows 7. Note: Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. Onsight users running Windows 7 will not be notified by OPM. Windows 7 users on v11.0 or lower will be able to receive video from Windows 10 users on v11.1 or higher (as well as from Android and iOS endpoints); the H.264 stream is compatible.



Onsight Connect for iOS

3666 iOS 13 – Fixed call disconnects when the app is in the background for 60s or more.


Onsight Connect for Android

3664 When display size is set to large the OC dashboard is now visible – affected only some Android devices.
4112 IoT overlays are now correctly displayed when viewing images on wearables.
5359 Android v10 – Cube Wi-Fi direct connections now working.


Onsight Connect for RealWear

2552 Capture Mode – voice commands added to close the warning dialog.
2592 Voice command listings reversed – ‘Restart Download’ and ‘Resume Download’ have been fixed.
4043 “Onsight AI” is now translated to “Onsight IA” including the voice command.
4062 Spanish voice commands for torch/mic/laser are now operating correctly.


Onsight Connect for Vuzix

4112 IoT overlays are now correctly displayed when viewing images on wearables.


Onsight Platform Manager

2796 Custom fields are now correctly assigned to user profiles.
3043 Custom field values set to null are now correctly saved.
4731 OPM-OP supporting install files (dll’s, exe’s) are now signed by Librestream.
5405 OPM-OP generates manual activation requests when ‘Use FIPS compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing, and signing’ is enabled.