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The Onsight Cube industrial wearable brings hands-free collaboration to the world’s toughest environments. Whether your teams need to capture visuals offline, or share live video and images during remote collaboration sessions, the Onsight Cube explosion proof camera provides a secure and safe solution. REQUEST A DEMO  
Designed for safe operation in Ex-certified* and rugged environments, the Onsight Cube explosion proof camera captures live video, HD pictures, and thermal imaging for effective remote collaboration.

For live remote mentoring, simply pair the Onsight Cube to an Onsight Connect enabled mobile device, such as smartphones and smartglasses. Through Onsight Connect, teams can remotely control the Onsight Cube camera settings such as lighting and zoom, to provide a completely hands-free experience.

When offline, workers can also capture and securely store images or recordings to upload to Onsight Workspace or share in later collaboration sessions.

With dual cameras inside, choose between optical HD video and pictures, or thermal imaging for infrastructure health and trending information. The integrated light ring and laser aim pointer ensures high quality visuals even in poorly lit environments.

The multi-purpose design of the Onsight Cube allows for hands-free, handheld, and monopod use to access hard to reach places. The magnetic auto-latch mount provides an easy and secure way to attach the Onsight Cube to hardhat and headband accessories.

Product Highlights

    • Built for safe operation across industrial environments
    • Dual Cameras with HD optics and thermal imaging
    • Powerful built-in light ring and laser aiming pointer
    • Capture and store high quality recordings and pictures offline
    • Remote collaboration through Onsight Connect application
    • Rugged and Ex-certified* explosion proof camera models available
    • Multi-use as wearable, handheld or with monopod attached
    • Accessories designed for safety and ease of use

*Ex-certifications pending

Industrial Wearable

Multi-purpose, dual camera wearable optimized for remote mentoring.


Mount to a hardhat for secure hands-free use. Magnetic auto-latch mount provides easy attachment. Clips lock the band in place. Headband accessory also available.


Attach to a monopod to access hard-to-reach places. Supports a wide range of monopods and other standard tripod mount accessories.


Hold the Onsight Cube to perform up-close inspections. The safety lanyard tightens around the wrist for protection from accidental drops.

Dual Cameras

Switch between optical and thermal imaging cameras. Capture and share HD video and pictures as well as thermal visuals.


  • Dual Cameras

    HD optics and thermal imaging for complete asset analysis

  • Designed for Safety

    EX-Certified and rugged design for safe operation in industrial environments.

  • Deferred Collaboration

    Record video and store pictures with continuous capture for instant replay.

  • Broad Device Support

    Stream video to an Onsight session by pairing with smartglasses, smartphones, or tablets.

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