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Librestream Announces the Onsight Cube, First Multi-Purpose Industrial Wearable Designed For Remote Mentoring in Ex-Rated Environments

Jan 24, 2018

Integrated HD Optical and Thermal Imaging Cameras provide in-depth analysis of complex assets in the field


January 24, 2018, Winnipeg, Canada – Librestream expands its powerful Onsight collaborative platform with the launch of the Onsight Cube. The Cube is an industrial EX-rated multi-purpose wearable designed for safe operation in the world’s most difficult environments.

“In discussions with our industrial customers and partners, we identified a large market opportunity for a multi-purpose wearable that enables remote assistance of complex assets in the field. In collaboration with a lead customer and mobility vendor specialized in hazardous locations, we’ve designed a Zone 1 certified industrial wearable for use in the world’s toughest locations,” shared Kerry Thacher, CEO Librestream.

Optimized for inspecting, diagnosing and troubleshooting complex assets, field workers can pair the Cube to a smartphone, tablet or smartglasses and immediately share thermal imaging visuals and HD video with remote experts. Its versatile design allows workers to perform up-close inspections with its hand-held mode, wear securely for hands-free collaboration, or attach to a monopod for hard to reach visuals.

The Onsight Cube Multi- Design

The Onsight Cube industrial wearable brings hands-free collaboration to the world’s toughest environments. Whether your teams need to capture visuals offline, or share live video and images during remote collaboration sessions, the Onsight Cube provides a secure and safe solution.

Highlights of the Onsight Cube include:

  • Integrated HD optical and thermal imaging cameras
  • Rugged and Zone 1 EX-certified models
  • Flexible design enabling hand-held, head-worn and monopod use
  • Remote mentoring via an Onsight Connect enabled smartphone, tablet or smartglasses
  • Wearable accessories that contemplate the safety and hands-free needs of industrial workers


During a live Onsight session, remote experts can control the Cube’s light, zoom, and camera modes. This remote control allows workers to have a completely hands-free experience with live audio feedback and the ability to view visual feedback on the Onsight Connect enabled mobile device.

“The Cube is another example of Librestream’s commitment to delivering a complete platform for the Industrial and Mobile worker.  We recognize that these workers require both software and specialized hardware to meet their needs in the field. The Cube is a significant leap forward in hazardous-location collaboration. This new capability now enables use cases that were previously impossible to implement,” explained Thacher.

To gain early access to the Onsight Cube, Librestream is offering the Virtual Innovator Program (VIP). Contact Librestream or your account manager to learn how you can experience the Onsight Cube.

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