BT Features Librestream’s Onsight Augmented Worker Platform in its Connected Industry Customer Showcase


Librestream, leading provider of augmented worker solutions, today announced that its Onsight platform is featured in the Connected Industry Customer Showcase at BT’s Adastral Park technology campus in England. The Onsight demonstration highlights the use cases and value of augmented reality within energy and resources, manufacturing, utilities, construction, telecommunications and logistics.

“The demonstrations in our connected industry showcase allow us to show a technology capability to customers, who may not be aware of what is available and how BT can help them. Our Librestream demonstration shows customers how their software can be used to deliver a collaborative environment to troubleshoot, inspect and resolve issues in the field. We’ve seen interest in connected worker solutions like Librestream grow over 500% over the past three months,” shared Rob Mayhew, Showcase Innovation Manager at BT.

The Onsight platform empowers workers with access to remote experts, digitized work instructions and content, including data from IoT sensors, thermal imaging, borescopes and schematics. Onsight runs on mobile devices, industrial wearables and computers to fit the use case and environment. The platform incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities such as computer vision to automatically identify assets and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for services such as real-time translation during remote expert collaboration sessions.

“We are currently in the process of onboarding Librestream and its Onsight platform within Field Force Automation, which is part of the Specialist Solutions team in BT Enterprise. Onsight is a natural extension of our solution to drive improvements in service metrics and employee safety and productivity. After the onboarding process concludes, customers will be able to purchase the Onsight solution through BT,” explained Robert Lumley, Senior Commercial Partnership Manager, BT Ventures.

The BT Connected Industry Showcase incorporates related technologies to the Onsight platform including industrial wireless, IoT, industrial wearables, and field force automation to demonstrate an integrated experience. The showcase also exhibits other examples of where this technology can be applied, including telemedicine and retail.

“The BT Customer Showcase is an impressive facility that provides as close to a real-world experience as possible. Many of our energy and manufacturing customers from the UK and overseas have explored this facility and we are pleased to be part of the Connected Industry solution – in person and through virtual demonstrations,” shared Jon Newman, VP Product Management at Librestream.

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