Librestream Onsight With Ecom Visor-Ex Bundle


Librestream Onsight + ECOM Visor-EX Bundle 

ECOM–the world leader in intrinsically safe connected worker products–and Librestream–the gold standard for remote expert and digital workflow solutions in the energy sector–are teaming up once again to transform the way the oil and gas industry gets to work. With ECOM’s ruggedly built, intrinsically safe Visor-EX® 01 and SmartEX® 02 smart device combined with Librestream’s industry leading workforce transformation technology, Onsight®, this one-of-a-kind solution can put your organization’s knowledge to work for you.  

The skilled labor crisis and the acquisition and retention of new O&G workers have created significant challenges across the sector. It’s time to change the way we work. With Onsight® and Visor-EX®, field workers can create, store and access organizational knowledge when they need it in the most challenging and remote locations. Reducing operational and travel cost, creating higher worker efficiency, and increasing worker safety are just a few of the benefits of this one-of-a-kind workforce transformation bundle. 

Common use cases: 

  • Remote expert and remote assistant in challenging environments 
  • Digital work instructions for training and upskilling 
  • Real time language translation between the field and office 
  • Safely training or upskilling new and existing workers

Realized benefits:

  • 500% reduction in travel for onsite visits 
  • 70% increase in worker productivity
  • 50% decrease in time to resolution 
  • 300% increase in number of inspections completed 
  • 10-15% reduction in carbon emissions 

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Operationalized Solution for the field


  • Extremely lightweight, intrinsically safe design – distributed weight for a more comfortable fit 
  • Flexible – head up display and voice commands for hands-free use, plus a 5” touchscreen 
  • Secure –GMS Android, timely security updates and seamless enrollment with all major EMM 
  • Connected –  wide range of global LTE and WIFI connectivity options as standard 

Librestream Onsight

  • Operates in bandwidth as low as 30Kb – ideal for offshore environments or remote drilling 
  • FIPS 140-3 security validation – military grade security for all industries 
  • Natural Language Processing – AI-enabled, real-time translation of over 40 languages 
  • Computer Vision – AR-enabled technology to identify parts, serial numbers, components & more 
  • Digital workflow technology – enables workers to have step-by-step instructions for any job