A New Bundle from Librestream and ECOM Instruments is Poised to Transform Oil and Gas Workforces 


Extreme weather, arduous terrains, and unreliable internet connections aren’t the only daunting conditions field workers in the oil and gas industry face every day.  

Like many workforces in energy-related industries, workers in the oil and gas sector are being asked to do more with less.  


As anyone who scans the headlines these days knows, the global demand for oil and gas shows little sign of subsiding anytime soon.  

What may be less known is the fact that workforces in energy-related industries are facing a talent gap due to a significant number of seasoned and experienced field workers retiring or otherwise departing the workforce, leaving less tenured, less knowledgeable workers to fill the void.  

Not only is this emerging workforce being asked to maintain the levels of production achieved by their predecessors, they must do so while also maintaining an exemplary level of safety amidst working conditions that can invite accidents even among the most experienced workers.  

To help their workforces combat these challenges, oil and gas organizations are looking to technology and software solutions to provide field workers with remote assistance, training, digital work instructions, and other capabilities that get the right information to workers when and where they need it. 

At the same time, oil and gas organizations are looking for a solution that offers the all-important (but often overlooked) feature of knowledge capture to preserve and distribute organizational insight. Solutions like Microsoft Teams and Zoom that are built for office-based workforces do not provide the capabilities required by field workforces.  

A recent partnership between Librestream  and ECOM Instruments, a Pepperl+Fuchs brand, is turning heads with a purpose-built solution for field work in the oil and gas sector. 

The joint solution integrates Librestream’s #1-rated workforce transformation platform for the industrial deskless workforce with ECOM Instruments’ ruggedized smart glasses Visor-Ex, and Smart-Ex smartphones to provide energy workers with both the software and ruggedized hardware that aligns with their specific needs and environments. 

Librestream’s  Onsight platform powers the workforce of the future with advanced augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and internet of things (IoT) data visualization–all of which are designed to work in low-bandwidth environments. ​​ 

In addition to helping improve workflows, Onsight also helps organizations reduce operations and maintenance costs, improve workforce efficiency, maximize asset uptime, lower carbon footprints, and increase safety by reducing the likelihood of accidents and incidents. 

Onsight allows field workers to collaborate with colleagues, customers, and suppliers using live video, audio, and advanced augmented reality tools including telestration and IoT data overlay. The platform’s live language translation capability allows for real-time communication with speakers of over forty different languages.  

One of the platform’s most integral features, Onsight’s knowledge capture allows users to create an integrated knowledge base of data, images, and recordings, automatically tagged with relevant IoT data and analyzed through AI computer vision capabilities so organizations can share, edit, access, and view content securely in even the most challenging field environments. 

Like the Onsight platform, ECOM Instruments’ Visor-Ex® 01 was designed with a new generation of mobile field workers in mind. The Visor-Ex 01 integrates its hardware components into separate units that can be attached to the body.  

The Visor-Ex 01 head unit can be clamped to the helmet and works with various headsets for flawless audiovisual communication. It serves as the visual interface between the worker and his digital environment.  

As the only smart glasses of this type on the market, Visor-Ex 01 offers an optical zoom lens for laser scanning of product identification. The pocket unit and the communication and CPU unit–Smart-Ex® can be attached to various belts and provide interference-free communication via cables.  

With the joint offering of ECOM Instruments’ hardware solutions and Librestream’s Onsight platform, oil and gas field workers can create, store, and access organizational knowledge when and where they need it.  

Reducing operational and travel costs, creating higher worker efficiency, and increasing worker safety are just a few of the benefits of this workforce transformation bundle that is poised to bridge the gap between the workforce of yesterday and tomorrow.  

Learn more about the Librestream / ECOM Instruments bundle HERE.  



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