Top 3 Highlights of Hands-free Remote Inspection Solution in Response to Covid-19


RealWear and Librestream provide secure, bandwidth-optimized, hands-free virtual inspections to bridge the widening knowledge gap

Worker safety programs and travel restrictions as a result of COVID-19 have made traditional ways of working obsolete, even for essential workers. Gaining immediate access to expertise and content is now a requirement for service and operational continuity. The need is evident across regions as usage of Librestream’s Onsight platform has escalated quickly, surpassing 940% growth in some regions.

Across industrial environments, teams are no longer travelling to the manufacturing facility, oil rig, or aircraft hangar to diagnose, inspect and mentor in the field. Yet, the work still needs to be done. With a single voice command, colleagues, customers and vendors can come together virtually using the Librestream Onsight platform on RealWear HMT devices.  This has always been relevant from a business perspective, but now it’s even more important given current travel restrictions and shelter-in-place mandates.

Read how customers of the joint solution with RealWear and Librestream have deployed and already achieved results such as: National Oilwell VarcoVolvo, and Colgate-Palmolive.

Top 3 Highlights

Built Rugged for the Field

Workers need a solution that will perform in oftentimes harsh, remote field locations – especially areas with poor network connectivity. Providing a live collaborative video session over a strong network is easy. Taking that experience out of the carpeted space and onto concrete, grass, towers or inside pipes is where 99% of all consumer-grade solutions break down.

Onsight is specially optimized to perform over variable, low bandwidth, and even high latency networks including satellite, wireless and cellular. With as low as one bar of service (<64 kbps), you can collaborate using Onsight on the HMT-1 and the intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1.

The RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 devices were specially designed for these harsh environments with a hardened form factor that can withstand drops and outdoor conditions – cold, hot, wet, or in tight quarters where the device can get banged around. Together, the solution reaches into those difficult locations and delivers a reliable virtual experience.  The device is made to allow the user to wear his or her PPE equipment, which is always relevant, and now, during Covid-19, even more so.

Reality First.  Digital Second.  Hands-Free Augmented Experience

During a tricky inspection or repair, workers can maintain situational awareness and use both hands to perform tasks while talking, hearing and viewing feedback and data from remote experts. The Onsight solution fully supports RealWear’s voice commands in 12 languages to enable global use.

The solution also includes built-in assisted reality capabilities such as drawing onscreen, overlaying text, or sharing pictures, recordings and snips of manuals to mentor and assist from afar. These ‘digital second’ visuals are all visible on the HMT display through Onsight to help expedite decisions but do not get in the way of the user’s work, in situ.

Extend Beyond Internal Collaborators

The ability to instantly and securely collaborate with external vendors, contractors, or customers is built-in to the core solution. Authorized users simply invite a guest to the live session and create a simple experience for that new guest user. From afar, teams can remotely control the camera, adjusting zoom, lighting and capturing pictures and recordings.

This ability to capture pictures and recordings creates ‘intelligent content’ within Onsight by adding tags such as asset ID, location data, and customer ID. This content can be automatically uploaded to a secure, central knowledge base and integrated with internal systems such as a CRM or ERP. This automated approach takes the work out of the technician’s hands and builds immediate assets for future training and audit purposes.


This post was written jointly by Jeff Morgan, VP Design and Marketing RealWear and Charlie Neagoy, VP, Business Development, Librestream

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