Digitize Your Next Inspection — Connecting Previously Unconnected Devices


In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), connected tools for specialized inspections are no longer a dream of the future, but a reality of today. Whether you are using a videoscope to inspect the inside of a failed gearbox in a wind turbine, a borescope to look at dirt build up inside a recently detached plane engine, or an ultrasonic device to view pipe welds, the right tool and knowledge determine how quickly you can resolve the issue.

Welcome to the world of specialized inspection. Every day, service technicians across industries rely on information from these specialized devices to determine whether an asset needs repair or replacement.

Sometimes the technician looking at the problem experiences a new situation that adds hours or days to resolution time, especially when the situation requires additional expertise onsite. Travel costs add up and the costs associated with the number of hours or days of asset downtime can be even greater.

Olympus and Librestream are working together to expedite time to resolution by virtually connecting experts back in the office to teams in the field. Previously unconnected devices, such as videoscopes, can now be quickly and easily turned into leading-edge collaboration tools.

Equipped with Librestream’s Onsight 400R Collaboration Hub and Onsight Connect Software, field teams can immediately jump on a secure live collaboration session with an experienced remote technician to help mentor and guide them through inspections. Together, colleagues talk, share live video and images, draw on the screen, and capture visuals from the session for the knowledge base. This live mentoring solution is now available directly from Olympus authorized partners.

The solution includes the ability to see the larger environment where the inspection is taking place using the camera on the field worker’s smartphone or tablet. From the broader context to the fine details, remote specialists can see the inspection live through the eyes of the maintenance technician, providing collaboration and guidance.

Remote Collaboration: Aerospace

Kevin, a maintenance technician equipped with Onsight software and an Olympus videoscope, calls the engine manufacturer for guidance on next steps.

Contact Olympus, or Librestream for more information.


This blog post was jointly written by Charlie Neagoy VP of Business Development and Frank Lafleur from Olympus.


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