Learn how to strengthen the links in your supply chain through digital transformation.


● Alastair Charatan, Host, Supply Chain Talk

● Sarkuna Thangarajoo, Global Account Supply Chain Manager

● Angel Caja, Supply Chain Teaching Collaboration

● Joe Stickney, VP of Marketing and Customer Engagement, Librestream


Digital transformation is reshaping supply chains across the globe.

In this panel-discussion webinar with a live Q&A, experts in a variety of fields discuss the software and technologies leading organizations at the forefront of digital transformation are implementing to overcome supply chain challenges.

No slide presentations here…just lively discussion on a key topic organizations like yours should understand to optimize your workforce for the present and the future.


Topics covered include:

● How has digital transformation accelerated in supply chains?

● How can digital transformation help you identify and respond to “black swan” events?

● What are the economic, societal, and environmental implications of deploying advanced manufacturing and supply chain technologies?