Currently 80 million skilled workers will leave the workforce in the next few years, leaving a smaller pool of skilled workers to fill these critical roles.  With the aging workforce and technology advancements creating the perfect digital transformation storm, oil and gas companies are feeling the heat to upskill the next generation of workers with a new digital tool belt, innovative trainings, and the use of augmented reality.   Service organizations that fail to address workforce transformation will be left behind.  Innovative global organizations that are successfully addressing the challenge of knowledge gaps, worker shortage and tenure are doing so by solving this people problem with digital transformation. Organizations leveraging AR, AI and Remote Assistance technologies are transforming the way the energy sector works by creating safer, more efficient and more resilient workers.

In this 60 minute webinar, Oil and Gas influencer, Mark LaCour will speak with expert panelists from NOV and Schlumberger about the rapidly-changing energy workforce and how companies can improve their speed to field, speed to training, safety and efficiency with digital transformation.

You’ll learn

  • How companies can use technology to improve productivity while maintaining safety compliance.
  • How to scale knowledge transfer across the workforce.
  • Solution in practice: hear from NOV about their TrackerVision solution and the benefits they’ve realized since implementing it.

*Sponsored by Librestream Technologies and RealWear.

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