As machinery and equipment become more complex and sophisticated, organizations are realizing how the right knowledge and tools can help workforces tackle knowledge loss, decreased productivity, reduced efficiency and more.  Librestream and RealWear recently facilitated an in-depth conversation and demonstration together with Siemens Energy about their Connected Worker solution, which features the Onsight solution combined with the HMT-1 heads-up display. 

Watch this webinar to learn how Siemens Energy successfully deployed AR within their organization! 



  • Noemie Danto, Customer Success Director, Librestream 
  • Will Mantz, Head of Customer Development, RealWear 
  • David Drehoff, Head R&D Americas, Omnivise Remote Services, Siemens Energy Digital 


Demonstration: Mark Van Pelt, Senior Sales Engineer, Librestream 



Watch the webinar: