An impending workforce shortage is threatening the reliability of global supply chains. As more workers retire, organizations are struggling to hire talent quickly and preserve critical instructional knowledge from their retiring workforce. As a result, executives are tasked with preserving critical knowledge, training, and onboarding new workers quickly, and ultimately, doing more with less.  

In this SupplyChainTalk webinar, expert panelists from Librestream, CIPS, & Voith Group discuss how knowledge loss and skills shortages impact the industry and how digital transformation solutions can help organizations future-proof themselves against these challenges.  

This webinar will cover:  

  • How are workforce shortages and knowledge loss affecting business? 
  • How can technologies like augmented reality (AR) improve safety, efficiency, productivity, and supply chain management?  
  • What are the reasons and best practices for deploying these technologies? 

Watch the webinar: