MRO Europe 2017 Recap

Oct 23, 2017


MRO Europe brought together many different organizations within aerospace. One of the highly anticipated themes, which echoed throughout the conference portion as well as the exhibitor hall, included digital transformation of the industry. It was exciting to see these digital themes highlighted with our focus on digitizing the worker’s day.

What did delegates get a taste of when they came to our booth?

How unique the Onsight platform is. Our visitors saw the simplicity of using their smartphones or tablets to enable remote diagnostics and inspections. We worked with Olympus to share live visuals over Onsight from a borescope. A lot of interest came from how easy it is to connect a borescope (or any RVI/NDT test gear) and ‘bring an expert to the problem’ within the blink of an eye.

We also demonstrated our ‘remote dimensioning capability’, which is great to estimate crack measurement. One of the interesting use cases from the helicopter community was for swarf size measurement in gearbox oils. Which brings me into the parallel expo, HELITECH International, with their delegates frequently passing through the MRO expo. They shared why this remote collaboration is of strong interest within service and manufacturing operations.  A busy two days but an exciting opportunity for Librestream to introduce Onsight to many in the MRO industry who are seeking remote mentoring to provide competitive MRO services.

Demo of Onsight at MRO Europe:

Video by: Lindsay Bjerregaard / MRO Network


Post written by Michael Murphy, VP International Operations at Librestream 

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