TEAR 3M – Operationalizing Augmented Reality Within the Defense Industry


Learn how defense organizations use advanced AR for informed decision-making in the field, asset sustainment, prototyping and more.

Neal Tomblyn, senior defense advisor at Librestream and former Lockheed Martin executive, shared insights on the A&D industry at the TEAR 3M event on February 24, 2021.

In this presentation, Neal shares how the defense industry is operationalizing AR.

The presentation includes the following topics:

  • How augmented reality decreases asset down-time
  • How Onsight is used for sustainment activities, remote expert collaboration, training and more.
  • Addressing COVID-19 challenges using AR tools
  • Deploying enterprise AR solutions at scale
  • Best practices, requirements, and benefits of AR in the defence sector

Watch it on-demand here: