How Is Augmented Reality Helping Support Workers?

Jun 15, 2017


As chief operating officer of virtual collaboration solutions company Librestream, Jereme Pitts helps organizations provide remote visual support while in the field.

Last month at the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit in San Diego, I interviewed Pitts about how augmented reality technology on phones and tablets is helping his company do just that. “Having the ability to see what’s in the real world and also see content above what you’re actually looking at helps technicians do their jobs,” said Pitts.

In the world of field service, this can be particularly useful. By telestrating, or drawing freehand illustrations over existing moving images (think: SportsCenter), support workers can more efficiently identify and solve problems.

According to Pitts, this augmented reality process not only helps the company, it also helps the consumer. “At the end of the day, the technician just wants to solve their problem, and when you bring in external content that makes it easier for them, the end customer gets their product serviced faster.”

Learn more about how augmented reality enables support workers to be more efficient in my full interview with Pitts above.


This article and video were created by Samsung and reposted with their permission. Originally posted on Samsung Insights.

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