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Onsight Enhances Manufacturing Operations

The manufacturing industry is faced with a unique challenge where almost 25% of the sector’s workforce is age 55 or older. With many workers retiring in the next five to ten years, the need for augmented reality technology to help train a new era of manufacturing workers has become urgent. Augmented reality in manufacturing can be deployed across a wide range of manufacturing operations, provide immediate remote access to subject matter experts (SMEs), and step-by-step digital work instructions to enable effective training and onboarding.

Using Onsight Connect, field workers can remotely connect with SMEs on the manufacturing plant floor, at supplier locations, and in the field with customers. Using nothing but a compatible smart device or wearable and a good internet connection, field workers can inspect, diagnose, and resolve issues with the SME on a live-video call.  The immediate access to remote experts can help reduce asset down-time and avoid supply chain disruptions.

While complex issues on the field often require multiples SMEs, most common issues can be resolved by offering field workers digital work instructions that walk them through the process of performing tasks, offer troubleshooting tips, and record relevant readings. Onsight Flow can help your workforce do just that. With advanced remote expert and digital work instructions tools in field workers‘ toolkit, augmented reality can help manufacturing organizations optimize processes and seamlessly transition new employees within workforces.

The most common use cases for augmented reality in manufacturing are:

  • Designing engineering reviews across locations
  • Managing supplier quality and communications
  • Testing vendor acceptance
  • Troubleshooting production lines
  • Offering direct video support to customers and field technicians

Manufacturers use augmented reality to improve asset uptime, accelerate time to market for new product introductions, and deliver superior customer service. Click below to find out how Colgate-Palmolive uses RealWear HMT-1 and Librestream's Onsight to reduce costs while improving safety and efficiency.

Read the Colgate-Palmolive Case Study

10 %
Improvement in production line asset uptime
20 %
Acceleration in time to market for new products
30 %
Productivity gain in mentoring new technicians