Remote Expert guidance is the ability to connect with virtual specialists immediately by sharing live video, audio, telestration and augmented content. Enterprises deploy this capability for many reasons such as improving first-time-fix rates or enabling higher value service offers to drive up revenue. For many enterprises, this live collaboration involves capturing data such as recordings and images for an improved audit trail or future training.


Build A Comprehensive Business Plan

Learn the important considerations including:

  • Outline business outcomes
  • Distinguish between tangible and intangible benefits
  • Find and secure internal stakeholders
  • Identify & mitigate project risks

Define Technical Requirements

Use the workbook to understand IT requirements in:

  • Data security & privacy
  • IT Staff resources
  • Infrastructure resources
  • Network management
  • Reporting

Assess and Choose The Right Vendor

This section provides you questions to ask vendors including:

  • How will IT let me deploy?
  • Will stakeholders support a deployment at scale?
  • Does my vendor provide training?
  • Will the solution adapt to my current workflow?

Explore Current Industry Use Cases

Learn how Remote expert solutions are being deployed today:

  • B2B Examples
  • B2C Examples
  • Remote maintenance
  • Enhanced customer service
  • New premium offerings