The global economy is increasingly reliant on the output of the industrial and manufacturing sectors, even as these sectors face a growing skills gap. With an aging workforce and rising demand for productivity, these challenges are becoming more pressing. This white paper, "Empowering The Modern Workforce: Creating a More Informed, Connected and Responsible Workforce with Technology," explores how digital technologies and solutions can bridge the skills gap, enhance productivity, and support sustainable growth in industry.

Commissioned by Librestream and conducted by Verdantix, the study involves 51 decision-makers from various industries in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the UK. The paper discusses:

  • The challenge to industrial and manufacturing growth
  • Knowledge loss in the field (and on the floor)
  • Digital technology as a solution for knowledge loss
  • Increasing productivity and operational workflow
  • Attracting, retaining, and upskilling employees
  • Assuring safety on the job

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