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Augmented Reality Collaboration Solution Users Grow Over 300% in Japan

Jun 17, 2021

The technology delivers robust remote collaboration capabilities that enhance safety, efficiency, and resiliency for enterprises

Librestream, the #1-rated provider of augmented reality (AR) and remote collaboration solutions, expands its investment in Japan with an in region office and staff, supporting its growing customer base in the APAC region.

Librestream’s Onsight platform enables workforce transformation through industrial use cases like AI Connected Expert, powering the workforce of the future by combining AR, artificial intelligence (AI), and internet of things (IoT) data visualization, enabling automated on-the-job training, reducing cognitive load, and driving operational insights. Since 2019, the Japanese market increasingly adopted Librestream’s Onsight platform, with user growth expanding over 300% in that timeframe.

As the third-largest economy in the world and fourth-largest in total exports, continuous workforce improvement via technology and innovation is critical to maintaining competitive positioning. The Onsight platform enables efficiency, safety, and resiliency across industries, including those that account for Japan’s top exports: cars and vehicle parts ($136B), integrated circuits ($30.7B), machinery with individual functions ($20B), and passenger and cargo ships ($13.7B).

“Japan is an industrial powerhouse and its economy is diverse and advanced; our Onsight solution support the multitudinous industries in the region, as well as provide enhanced local and international service support,” said John Bishop, Librestream President & CEO. “Onsight also addresses the local demographic challenges of an aging workforce and shrinking population by capturing knowledge from experienced workers, delivering just-in-time training, and enabling companies to remotely manage their industrial assets located anywhere in the world.”

Addressing the opportunity and the challenges, Onsight’s core products bring the following benefits to the Japanese market:

  • Onsight Connect remote expert assistance: real-time collaborative environment to remotely inspect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues in the field; effectively distributing knowledge and accelerating decision making with capabilities including live translation to bridge language barriers, object recognition, and sensor data integration
  • Onsight Flow digital work instructions: transforms paper-based processes into digital work instructions, providing step-by-step instructions to complete a job, capture data, and add to a knowledge base
  • Onsight Workspace centralized knowledge base: provides the workforce with secure and immediate access to information needed to complete work safely and efficiently
  • Thermal Cube and Onsight Hub: unique in the world to support video and thermal data management in all rugged environments

As a device-agnostic company, Librestream’s Onsight platform also supports use on smartphones, tablets, computers, and wearables. In Japan, Onsight use on wearables make up 21% of usage cases, compared to 3.4% across the other 183 countries in which Librestream is deployed. This reflects research findings that the APAC region is expected to outgrow all others in wearable usage through 2025 due to factors including the geography’s industrial workforce, embrace of smart technology, and aging populations. Librestream recently announced Onsight Connect for Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 advanced AR wearable. For more on this and Librestream’s AI Connected Expert Vision, click here.


Read this release in Japanese, here.

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