Three Part Webinar Series

Explore how enterprises digitize their service worker’s day with leading edge technology to become the top innovators in their given industries. Learn about the technologies that will help you see measurable results including reduced increased uptime, faster issue resolution,higher customer satisfaction, and more. But more importantly, help you navigate how augmented service platforms can be deployed today to your service worker.

Over the next month, we will be hosting a three part webinar series on how enterprises are innovating their services in response to various market trends driven by digital transformation and how this all relates to your service worker.

The webinars will be hosted by Librestream experts and they will draw from their experiences in oil and gas, marine, aviation, military, heavy industrial manufacturing and field service.

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Webinar 1: The Digital Service Worker
    • Wed/Sept 19 at 09:30 am central / 2:30 pm GMT
        • Top 3 trends driving digitization in service operations
        • Role of AR, AI, IoT and Wearables
        • Measurable outcomes for enterprise

Webinar 2: The Shift to Paperless Work Instructions
    • Wed/Sept 26 at 09:30 am central / 2:30 pm GMT
        • Top 3 reasons to transition to digital work instructions
        • Live demonstration
        • Best practices & common challenges

Webinar 3: The Wearable Revolution
  • Wed/Oct 3 at 09:30 am central / 2:30 pm GMT
        • Top 3 use cases for Wearables in Enterprise
        • Live demonstration
        • Deployment examples and common challenges