Join us from June 6-8, in Amsterdam RAI for the Marine Maintenance World Expo!

Visit us at booth M4022 and see how Onsight is used to bring eyes and ears of experts into the field virtually to help teams quickly and efficiently work on marine assets.

Visit Michael Murphy’s, VP International Operations speaker session:

Tuesday June 8 – 16:30

Transform Inspection and Maintenance of Marine Assets with Virtual Presence

Immediate access to experts and content is critical for operational success, and Librestream™s Onsight platform brings your experts virtually where and when you need them for fast problem resolution. Customers using the platform can share content, provide visual support for maintenance and preventative inspections. The platform supports the low bandwidth situations, including satellite, which are often found in the marine industry. Maritime organisations are now using this platform for remote diagnosis of shipboard issues with the help of onshore experts, and this virtual inspection and diagnostic capability reduces the time for problem resolution from days or even weeks, to now just minutes.


Please email us if you would like to book an appointment at the show.