Join us from May 2-4 in Dearborn MI, for the following SpeedNews events:

  • Aerospace and Manufacturing Conference
    “The Conference will focus on all key manufacturing aspects including: tooling, machining, components, electronics, advanced materials engineering, and technological systems. In addition it will cover what is really behind the hype of Internet of Things (IoT), Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Big Data and how the Auto and Aero industries learn from each other.”
  • AeroAuto Conference
    “The Global Automotive Industry will bring many new disruptive technologies to the market over the coming decade, including autonomous vehicles. Automotive OEMs face the requirement to make dramatic improvements in fuel economy. Per recent EPA mandates, the goal is a 60% improvement by 2025. Automotive OEMs must adopt a range of new technologies, including lightweight alloys and composites, more efficient engines and advanced aerodynamics – all of which have been implemented by the aerospace industry for years.”

We will be attending the conference as well will have a table top at the conferences for a live demonstration of the Onsight Collaboration platform.


Field teams can use the Onsight 400R Collaboration Hub to connect Nondestructive Testing (NDT) and Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) legacy devices to share visuals from borescopes, ultrasound devices or thermal imaging cameras within live video collaboration sessions. With Onsight companies can improve AOG situations by 60% and can optimize Onsight to work in bandwidth environments as low as 56kbps.