Enhancements build on capabilities to collaborate from the field, instantly taking experts where and when they are needed

Librestream, the leader in secure Virtual Presence systems, is pleased to announce that it will be previewing its innovative Onsight Connect collaboration software at the Automotive Testing event in booth #11043 October 22-24 in Novi, Michigan.

This application expands Librestream’s Onsight secure video collaboration platform to include software for smartphones, tablets, and PCs as well as Onsight rugged smart cameras. With this expanded platform, the automotive sector has become one of the top three industries deploying the Onsight virtual presence solution globally.

Kerry Thacher, CEO Librestream, explained, “The automotive industry shares the key issue many enterprises face – a shortage of specialists. Coupled with their widely dispersed operations, this industry has had to find new ways to expedite problem resolution and reduce the cost of operational processes. Librestream has seen a surge in interest and deployments within this sector as a result.”

Automotive manufacturers are using Onsight Virtual Presence in a variety of ways including:

  • metrology centers and proving grounds to collaborate with remote experts on test results,
  • inspect and review quality problems, and review design issues commissioning and troubleshooting of production line equipment between machine vendors and manufacturing facilities
  • new product design troubleshooting and reviews including virtual inspections and troubleshooting of issues arising from initial prototype builds of new vehicles

“In one case, an ergonomic team in Turkey was having difficulty with the passenger section and the dashboard area.  It turned out that the same wiring issue had previously been solved by a team based in France.  They used Onsight to show live visuals from the shop floor in Turkey with France and discuss exactly how to solve this issue, accelerating resolution and eliminating the travel,” said Kerry.

Due to the highly sensitive content involved in the collaboration, Onsight rugged smart cameras are often used on the shop floor to share live video, voice, images, and telestration with remote experts running Onsight Connect on PCs, tablets, or smartphones. In other applications such as testing services and dealership support, Onsight Connect on a tablet or smartphone is typically used to share visuals with remote experts.