Three Must-Sees At Helitech International Expo 2018


Helitech 2018 will bring together many new innovations changing the European rotorcraft industry. This includes technology impacts on customer care, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). Many of these innovations will all be present at the Helitech International show later this autumn.

At the show you will find innovations and technology that can:

  • Digitize your worker’s day with remote expert solutions, hardware, digital workflow, which will result in:
  • Improved customer service KPI outcomes
  • New enhanced service models


I have compiled a list of the 3 things you must see while at the show to help you with your digital transformation strategy:

  1. Visit the Technology Showcase
    1. The technology showcase is a great place to start. Here you can expect to see the latest in products, services, and technologies available to the rotorcraft industry. Learn which technology industry leaders use today to enable new services for customers and expedite resolution times by integrating digital technology into these offerings.
  2. Learn from the Industry Experts
    1. There will be no shortage of exhibitors to visit in the expo hall. A few exhibitors that come to mind will be showcasing their digital solutions:SAFRAN (booth H50) – Safran Helicopter Engines is showcasing a new video assistance service called Expert link. Expert link provides remote technical diagnosis and real-time interactive visual assistance to Safran’s customers. Depending on the support level, customers can experience hands-free support on scheduled tasks using borescopes or smart glasses. Olivier Le Merrer, Safran Helicopter Engines EVP Support and Services commented: “Expert link is the first mobile application we launch for helicopter operators. With this new service, we are providing our customers faster troubleshooting and guidance on scheduled tasks, for a closer support.”
  3. Live Interactive Demonstration of remote expert solution.
    1. Visit our booth (G30) for an interactive demonstration of Librestream’s augmented reality service platform, Onsight. Onsight empowers workers and customers with immediate access to the content, people, workflows and guidance to perform day-to-day tasks or solve issues quickly. With a broad range of software capabilities and optional inspection accessories, Onsight is the most comprehensive Digital Working Service platform on the market.

If you would like to book an appointment with me or any of our team members at the event please contact us.

This blog post was written by Michael Murphy – VP of International Operations.

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