Librestream’s New Onsight Connect for Web Gives Customers what they Asked for: Simplicity.

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The customers have spoken via survey and personal interviews.

Their desires for how Librestream can improve its Onsight Connect workforce transformation platform have been voiced.

They want easy-to-use collaboration for external guest users.

They want sessions that can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet or computer–Android, iOS, Windows or Mac–without the burden of downloading an app or a plug in.

They want a simplified user interface and other valuable features such as live video, image and screen sharing, and live translation to bridge language barriers.

Simply put…

They want Onsight Connect to get even better at helping their organizations reduce operational costs, improve workflow efficiency and worker safety, as well as increase customer satisfaction.

The customers have spoken.

Librestream listened and has responded with Onsight Connect for Web.

Onsight Connect for Web was designed with external guests in mind, providing a simplified user interface and features such as live video, image and screen sharing, and live language translation so users of different cultures can communicate in their native tongues.

As part of the full Onsight Connect platform, session participants can use native Connect apps for iOS, Android or Windows to control the guest experience remotely, record sessions, and upload captured content to Workspace.

Early testers have been impressed.

Hugo Fiorese–the AR/VR Project Manager for Iveco S.p.A., a multinational transport vehicle manufacturing company–says of Onsight Connect for Web, “Onsight’s Web based application is a step forward for Remote Support democratization. It will help us simplify our support process and overcome most of the IT issues, while enhancing both expert & end-user experience.”

Anyone interested in an overview of the all-new Onsight Connect for Web and a preview of other Librestream product releases should watch the company’s Fall Release Webinar.

The webinar includes a detailed overview of the new Onsight Connect for Web, a preview of other Librestream product releases, and a live Q&A with Librestream’s VP of Product Management, Brian Jenkins.

The customers spoke.

Librestream listened.

Watch the Fall Release 2022 Webinar to learn how Onsight Connect for Web makes it easy to give the power to the people who are in pursuit of optimized workforce transformation.

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