Empowering the Connected Workforce of the Utilities Industry


Why having immediate access to remote experts, digital work instructions, manuals and other relevant information is key to successfully onboarding new personnel

A 2019 report identified that almost a quarter of the U.S. natural gas and electric utilities employees will be approaching retirement within five years, resulting in a huge influx of new personnel in the industry.  To better prepare the new generation of workers, utility companies are exploring technology that can assist with training, onboarding and arming workforces with the right tools and knowledge.

In his latest blog, Librestream’s VP of Global Utilities Gary McAuliffe discusses the importance of using augmented reality solutions to provide utility field workers with the expertise, training and resources required to successfully complete tasks when the “right” person is offsite or simply unavailable. To drive home the need for fitting onboarding tools, Gary uses the relatable example of NCAA championship, where the “right” player may need to be replaced due to a positive COVID test or injury.

Read the blog here.

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