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Intelligent Information Delivery

Onsight NOW allows users to ask or search for information across a wide range of data sources within the enterprise. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies to enhance traditional search methods. It involves understanding the user’s intent and context to deliver more relevant results.

How It Works

Machine learning algorithms analyze data, identify patterns, and make connections between different types of information. Further, it provides more accurate and personalized results using semantic search, entity recognition, and sentiment analysis. These techniques enable the system to understand the meaning behind the search query and deliver precise results.

Simply Ask a Question

When a problem or question arises, fast precise answers get tasks back on track. Our Industrial Digital Assistant (“Hey, Ida…”), is a GPT-like chat interface where users can ask complex questions and receive accurate responses parsed from volumes of information across enterprise data sources.

“Why is this loading door jamming?”
“What’s the permissible exposure limit for hydrogen sulfide?”
“What causes a hissing noise on this model water heater?”

Real answers to real questions to drive productivity and efficiency.

Game-changing Benefits

Cognitive search is revolutionary for frontline workers who constantly deal with time-sensitive tasks and need access to relevant information quickly.

  • A study by Microsoft found that using AI-powered search tools can help frontline workers complete tasks up to 30% faster.
  • A survey conducted by IDC found that cognitive search can help frontline workers save up to 4 hours per week (200 hours/year) on information-related tasks.
  • A report by Accenture found that cognitive search can help frontline workers improve productivity by up to 50%, allowing them to focus on more value-added tasks and enhance their overall performance.

Ready to Learn More?

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