Say Goodbye to App Hopping

Simplify Information Access and Data Capture

Industrial frontline workers, such as manufacturing operators, maintenance technicians, and warehouse personnel, are often required to use a wide range of tools and apps in order to complete their tasks. For example, there may be one app to access work instructions, another to track production metrics, and another to communicate with team members and supervisors.

Onsight NOW offers bi-directional integrations that combine unstructured data from different sources like Dynamics 365, SharePoint, ServiceNow, and more. It converts everything into an easily accessible, structured format allowing the end user to retrieve or enter relevant data from/to all these sources through a single interface.

Alleviate Unnecessary Burden on Workers

  • User Fatigue – Constantly switching between different software applications is time consuming and stressful; this leads to decreased productivity and increased errors.
  • Data Inconsistency – If different software applications are used to capture data at different stages, data consistency suffers. It also makes it impossible to have a single source of truth.
  • Learning Curve – Frontline workers may have limited experience with different technology; each time a new application is added, they have to learn about its functionality. This makes the whole process complicated and not at all user-friendly.
  • Cognitive Overload – App hopping can also lead to cognitive overload, as workers have to remember different usernames, passwords, and navigation paths for each app.

Boost Productivity and Reduce Errors

A unified app experience for frontline workers can help streamline workflows, reduce security risks, and improve communication and collaboration.

  • A study by Forrester found that front-line workers can save up to 25 minutes per day by using a unified platform that combines multiple applications into a single interface.
  • According to a survey by Salesforce, 72% of front-line workers said having all their work tools in one place would make them more productive.
  • A study by Microsoft found that front-line workers who use a unified platform experience a 12% increase in productivity and a 20% decrease in errors.
  • In a survey by TechValidate, 83% of front-line workers said that a unified platform would make it easier to access the information they need to do their job.

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