Update Onsight Connect on your Onsight 2500/2000/1000 devices:

The Onsight Mobile Devices must be at a minimum of version before proceeding with any upgrades. If you do not meet this requirement, install the Onsight Device v4.5 Update Package first. Please contact Librestream support if you require an older version of software at support@librestream.com

Internet Update

  • Attach the Power Supply to the Onsight Device
  • Press the Onsight Device’s Display mode button to view the Menu
  • Tap the Configuration button
  • Tap Maintenance – Update
  • Select http: and using the On screen keyboard enter //www2.librestream.com/pkg/update.xml
  • Tap Search, then Download, then Update.
  • When the install is complete the Onsight Device will reboot automatically
  • Make sure the date and time on your camera is accurate. Authentication and Web services rely on accurate date and time.

SD Card Update Packages

Download instructions – use an SD card to install the latest software to the Onsight Rugged Smart Camera:



v7.0.11.8 with SHA-2 Certificate Support