Librestream, leader in virtual presence systems for enterprise, today announced the formal launch of its newest collaboration device that shares live visuals from previously unconnected video instruments as part of the expanded Onsight mobile video collaboration platform. This new Onsight Collaboration Hub is an Apple MFI approved device that pairs with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to stream these visuals in real-time as part of an Onsight remote collaboration session.

Already in active trials across multiple applications and industries, the Onsight Collaboration Hub is the first approved MFI device of its kind. The trials involve a wide variety of previously unconnected video tools and instruments, immediately bringing these devices into the IoT including:

  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) instruments such as borescopes, thermal imaging, and ultrasonic tools for remote asset maintenance and repairs.
  • Head or body worn cameras for hands-free troubleshooting of IT equipment and deployed assets, or situational awareness during events.
  • High definition video for precise visuals during remote product design reviews or inspections.

“We first designed the Onsight Collaboration Hub to fill a need our customers in manufacturing, energy and service industries identified. To make better, faster decisions on assets in the field, teams needed a way to share live visuals from NDT instruments,” said Kerry Thacher, President & CEO of Librestream. “After our soft launch of the Onsight Collaboration Hub at the end of 2014, customers quickly identified new applications such as hands-free collaboration through wearable cameras and high definition camera integration.”

Early results from these trials proves that the Onsight Collaboration Hub is helping enterprises make faster, more accurate decisions for asset maintenance and repair, equipment troubleshooting, new product design reviews and for situational awareness events.

About Librestream Technologies Inc is the leader in developing innovative mobile video collaboration solutions for field service, manufacturing, energy and public sector industries. Deployed globally on over 10 million devices, the Onsight video collaboration platform brings the eyes and ears of experts into the field virtually to immediately resolve issues and assess environments. Visit Librestream at and connect with us on Linkedin and Twitter.

Press Contact:
Marieke Wijtkamp
Librestream Technologies Inc.


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