The recent article in Manufacturing Automation, explores how one manufacturer uses mobile video collaboration to connect with their dispersed team.

Article Preview:

“We’ve been working on new moulds, which then we use to produce parts. These moulds have various details that have to be analysed and looked at, and we have to also inspect the mould once it has been made. So I’m able to sit at my desk and actually record online. I’ll turn on the record feature on the camera and have our team in Sri Lanka do a scan of the mould, which can be captured in high res, and then I’m able to go back and look through all that footage and also look at still images to inspect the parts or moulds. So it allows that to happen quickly,” Galagoda says. “Normally what would have happened is we would have finished the mould, either someone would have to go over there to inspect it, or the mould would get shipped, maybe to our supplier or to one of our facilities here, and we’d have to inspect it. If there was a problem with it, it would have to go back. So it cuts down on a lot of the actual physical transport of parts.”

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