Release Notes

Onsight Flow v2.21

New Features

Onsight Flow v2.21 includes:

  • Markdown rendering issue caused by the last update has now been fixed.
  • Collections tables were not rendering correctly on iOS, Android, or HMT so we fixed this and now it renders perfectly.
  • Sometimes when you transferred a job on an iOS device it would not always show on your schedule, we fixed it so that it does.
  • HMT: Warning steps are now supported on the HMT so you can now mark instructions as mandatory.
  • iOS: We’ve now introduced background sync for iOS so when you complete a job and minimize/push Onsight Flow app to the background before the sync has completed, the sync will continue to run making sure that all of your data makes it home safely – Please remember not to log out or force quit before the sync has completed though

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