When inspecting assets, sometimes you need to get a closer look. For instance, maybe there’s a tiny puncture you want to inspect or an asset number you have to read. Being able to see those with the naked eye could pose a challenge.

Our newest generation of the Onsight Rugged Smart Camera, the 5000HD, helps solve that problem. On its own, the camera produces high quality video and images with a 10x zoom. With the Macro lens attachment, you can see very detailed close-ups and capture those images during Onsight sessions.

The lens is not only powerful, but easy to attach. With four magnets, the lens can quickly be attached or detached without disrupting your workflow. You can carry the Macro lens with you for easy access in a pouch that comes with the 5000HD wearable camera strap.

Without macro lens




With macro lens


Written by John Hancharyk, Sr. Sales & Support Engineer at Librestream Technologies Inc.