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Librestream Expands its Onsight Augmented Reality Service Platform with New Digital Work Instructions Capability

Oct 24, 2018

Onsight Flow paperless work instructions empowers the digital field service worker

Librestream Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the latest expansion of its Onsight augmented reality (AR) service platform with the launch of Onsight Flow, an enterprise-grade digital work instruction solution. This new capability provides a digital alternative to traditional workflows, replacing paper processes for consistent and safe performance in the field.

Kerry Thacher, CEO of Librestream, explained, “Digital transformation is changing the way enterprises deliver services and build products. Our focus on digitizing the worker’s day drives our investment in the Onsight platform. With digital work instructions, an enterprise delivers immediate value and assistance to workers with dynamic and relevant content.”

Librestream is the pioneer in delivering remote expert guidance technology for industrial workers. Today, every 15 seconds, teams engage Onsight Connect remote expert guidance to perform remote inspections and troubleshoot assets globally. Earlier this year, Librestream added Onsight Workspace, a specialized content system that streamlines how teams create, access, and share media in the field.

With the launch of Onsight Flow, teams augment their experience with access to dynamic work instructions and content as they perform their jobs.  Onsight Flow fits seamlessly into Librestream’s AR ecosystem. As part of the full Onsight platform, enterprises can deploy Flow on enterprise wearables for hands-free operation or on the smartphones and tablets already in the hands of workers.

Thacher added, “Our customers will continue to see advancements to our Onsight platform that further our vision of being the first digital tool workers pick up and the last one they put down. These advancements will include expanded capabilities in areas such as AR, IoT and data analytics.”

With Onsight Flow, the ability to consistently capture machine, time and geometric data provides critical information on asset and operational performance. With this ability to capture machine data digitally, an enterprise gains instant access to data analytics and dashboards to assist with continuous improvement initiatives.

Onsight Flow is powered by Intoware and part of the overall Onsight AR service platform. For more information on Onsight Flow digital work instructions visit

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