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Librestream Advances its Onsight Platform with Expanded Content Management and AR Capabilities

Jan 04, 2018

Librestream is pleased to announce the ninth major release of its proven Onsight collaborative mobile platform, which now includes Onsight Workspace. This specialized content solution is built for industrial teams to securely create, access, and share materials across difficult field environments.

“We started working with our customers over a year ago on a solution to manage and secure access to Onsight images and recordings, allowing teams to leverage these training assets while out in the field. This collaboration expanded into a specialized content solution that now equips workers with access to Onsight visuals as well as content such as asset schematics and manuals,” shared Kerry Thacher, CEO of Librestream.

Kate Leggett, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester, highlighted the need and value of providing virtual access to information and expertise in the industry report, 2017 Customer Service Trends: Operations Become Smarter and More Strategic. She writes in the report that “successful field service technologies empower customers” and technicians with access to content and expertise. These technologies “can fuel differentiated customer experiences by equipping the technician with the right customer information, parts, and knowledge to get the job done in one visit.”

Onsight Workspace is integrated with the full Onsight platform, which allows teams to upload Onsight content automatically or manually with smart upload options. Authorized users can search and view content on their own to assist in performing inspections or maintenance work in the field. Colleagues can also find relevant content to share in live remote expert calls.

Thacher added, “Throughout 2018, our customers will see us release additional capabilities that focus on digitizing the worker’s day. We are advancing our roadmap at an accelerated pace to keep up with our customers’ changing businesses, especially within their demanding service operations. This advancement includes Onsight Workspace, which will provide expanded editing tools, guest access, and integration with existing systems.”

This latest release of the Onsight platform also includes expanded augmented reality capabilities such as advanced telestration. While in a live Onsight remote expert call, participants can select from various telestration shapes to draw on live visuals, or enter text to identify key information. A customized snip tool also provides participants with a way to immediately select and share content such as sections of manuals or schematics for additional guidance.

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