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Librestream Cube-Ex Industrial Wearable Now Shipping

Jun 05, 2019

With dual thermal and HD optics, the intrinsically safe Cube-Ex wearable camera advances field diagnostics and inspections in the worlds’ toughest environments 


Winnipeg, Manitoba – June 5, 2019 – Librestream today announced the first shipments of the Onsight Cube-Ex, the first intrinsically safe wearable device with HD video and thermal imaging. Designed as a multi-purpose wearable, the Cube-Ex extends beyond hands-free use to augment work in confined or potentially dangerous environments.  

‘The Cube-Ex industrial device redefines the wearable category giving workers a safe option to perform asset and environmental analysis in the most difficult environments in a form factor that is small, light and rugged,’ said John Bishop, President of Librestream. ‘We designed the Cube-Ex to tackle the harshest environments allowing our customers to solve both the envisioned and the yet to be imagined new challenges in their businesses.’ 

The Cube-Ex seamlessly integrates with the full Onsight Augmented Reality (AR) platform, providing additional value with cloud content management analytics, hands-free remote expert collaboration, and digital work instructions. 

John continues, “The Cube-Ex is creating new value within our industrial and enterprise customers, uniquely leveraging thermal imaging and radiometric data for numerous use cases including leak detection and electrical hotspot identification, minimizing non-production time. With flexible mounting options, workers can see inside confined spaces, improving safety and accelerating time to resolution.” 

Highlights of the Cube-Ex wearable include: 

  • HD digital and thermal imaging cameras including fusion blended mode
  • Flexible design enabling hand-held, head-worn, mounted, and monopod use
  • Remote control of the camera functions through paired mobile device
  • Powerfulillumination for high quality visuals in low light environments  
  • Built-in laser pointer for contextual verification
  • Capture and onboard storage of pictures and recordings with the ability to annotate withshapes, text overlay, and radiometric temperature overlay 
  • Rugged design with IP64 enclosure rating 
  • Certified for ATEX and IECEx Zone 1/21rated environments  
  • Integrates with the Onsight AR platform for hands-free remote expert collaboration, digital work instructions, content management,analytics and field intelligence   


The Onsight Cube-R model is also available for use in industrial industries that do not require intrinsically safe certifications such as manufacturing, utilities, and industrial field services.  

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