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Ziegler CAT Improves Service Through Video Collaboration

Oct 04, 2017

Our customer Ziegler CAT was recently featured in Field Technologies for its use of Video Collaboration. Product Manager for Ziegler CAT, Todd Hesse, explains why he decided to investigate video collaboration technology all the way to how it’s helping Ziegler’s Technical Communicators (TCs) today.


Article Preview:

““Trying to diagnose issues and suggest repairs over the phone across so many products wasn’t easy or often even possible. So what would happen is, a field technician would drive three hours to do a five minute repair, and then three hours back.” As Hesse witnessed these inefficiencies firsthand, he realized that with all of the technologies available today, there had to be a better way to remotely diagnose and even repair problems. As he changed roles again and had some additional time to investigate, he began researching options.”

Read the Full Article on Field Technologies Online: here.

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