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The Future Is Now with Video-based Remote Inspection

Dec 27, 2018


Gulfstream selected Onsight software developed by Librestream Technologies for transmission and management of the live video. The software works with any type of hardware and operating system, such as Apple and Android tablets and various types of computers. Gulfstream elected to use cellular networks for data transmission because this is far more secure than Wi-Fi networks.

The video and audio from the VPC process is not stored because such a recording is not part of the normal conformity process. Conformity requires filling out certain FAA forms, such as the statement of conformity. “That’s the record,” Witkowski explained. “You don’t record what you physically did.” And that is why it isn’t necessary to save the video from the VPC.

The FAA clearly found that VPC works and approved the process in a remarkably short 90 days, in August 2017. Since then, Gulfstream has used VPS to conform 700 different parts.

The next step was to prove that remote inspection works for maintenance inspections. Another set of tests was run and witnessed by FAA Flight Standards personnel during a window change on a Gulfstream airframe, along with some other activities.

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