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Software Increases Engine Service Speed and Flexibility.

Sep 14, 2017

Pratt & Whitney Canada explains how they leverage Onsight to speed up service.

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“In August, Robert Gordon, a Senior Field Support Representative (FSR) based at P&WC’s field office in Concord, North Carolina, got a call from Eric Knudsen, Senior Aircraft Technician. The customer needed Robert to observe the update of engine electronic controller data plates on four PW306D1 turbofan engines.

The only problem? The engines in question belonged to two Cessna Citation Latitude aircraft located in Wilmington, North Carolina, a town more than a three-hour drive away. Waiting for Robert to reach the customer would delay the update.

Robert immediately thought of Onsight.

“I figured it would be an excellent time-saver,” he recalls.

He suggested the idea to the Eric, who agreed that it made perfect sense. Setting up the virtual visit was simple: Robert sent the app along with a guest invitation. Once the customer had downloaded and accessed it, Robert was able to connect remotely via the lead mechanic’s smartphone and to look on as the data plates were vibropeen engraved.”


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