Free Business Continuity Package Available

Ensure operational continuity and worker safety using the Onsight remote expert software


Business Continuity
FREE Remote Expert Package

With the current global situation, worker safety is at the forefront of organizational concerns. Continued travel restrictions have put more pressure on the need to find new and safer ways to continue operations and deliver services.

To assist companies with immediate business continuity challenges, we are continuing to provide the Onsight Connect remote expert software at no charge. This free package includes pre-set configuration and virtual training components to get your organization up and running quickly. Companies who are new to this remote expert capability, have a use case that is a good fit, and agree to provide feedback on their experience will qualify.

The Onsight platform is deployed globally by aviation, defense, manufacturing, energy and inspection companies, enabling greater operational efficiency, reductions in carbon footprint and improved worker safety.

This is a free offer and no purchase is necessary.