Mobile TelePresence For the Field

Bringing TelePresence into the Field for Rapid Response to Issues

Many enterprises use videoconferencing or TelePresence to facilitate face-to-face meetings. Librestream extends the value of this infrastructure into the field to collaborate on ‘things’ from challenging non-office environments.

Diagnosing, inspecting, and fixing assets in the field requires a unique experience and field optimized solution:

  • One-way video from the field to manage bandwidth and ensure consistent visual
  • Video, images, and audio optimized for low and variable networks
  • Tag, Search and Share (TSS) knowledge base development
  • Secure and privacy controlled platform that meets internal IT requirements

Librestream partners with industry leaders such as Cisco Systems to deliver an integrated platform. Onsight supports video industry standards including:

  • Video and audio Codec support including h.264 and G7.11
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) call control
  • Security standards such as SIP-TLS, AES-128 key encryption

Collaboration Platform

Librestream offers a range of products and services that integrate with industry standard video conferencing and TelePresence solutions to bring live video from the field into meeting rooms.

Onsight Connect

Collaborative video software for smartphones, tablets, smart glasses and computers.

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Onsight Rugged Smart Camera

Onsight Rugged Smart Cameras for highly secure and hazardous rated locations.

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Onsight 400R Collaboration Hub

Connect and share visuals from external cameras and instruments.

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Onsight Embedded

Software Developer Kit (SDK) and API's to integrate with an existing workflow app.

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Onsight Centralized Management

Control and manage security, bandwidth, and privacy settings. Access usage analytics and custom branding features.

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