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Onsight Centralized Management


The Onsight Collaboration Platform provides an enterprise-grade central management system to secure, control, and manage use in the field. Assigned administrators can access the secure Onsight Account Manager tool to manage a broad range of policies, report on usage, and implement custom branding.
Deployed by enterprises globally, Onsight meets stringent IT and security requirements while providing usage reporting and customization to augment adoption programs.

Onsight system administrators can lock down and enforce critical settings to manage bandwidth usage, security requirements, and content privacy setting including:

  • Security Enforcement -- Multiple layers of security over content such as SIP-TLS, AES, Certificates
  • Privacy Controls -- Privacy options over images and recording options to fit union or IT requirements
  • Bandwidth Controls -- Network bandwidth management and controls over data consumption
  • Centralized Management – Create contacts, groups and users to simplify deployment

Onsight is available with secure hosted services and on-premise solutions:

  • Flexible system architecture – Options to fit unique requirements (OnPrem, Hosted, Hybrid)
  • TeamLink – Firewall traversal capabilities to facilitate calls from external locations
  • Integrates with Core Infrastructure - Industry standard support to integrate within existing infrastructure

Support for adoption programs includes:

  • Usage Reporting – Detailed analytics and usage statistics to support deployment programs
  • Interface – Options to modify user interface to support 'field' use and 'expert' mode
  • Custom Branding – Options to customize messages and apps to provide a unique experience

Centralized Management

  • Security Enforcement

    Multiple levels of security over access and content.

  • Usage Reporting

    Track and identify usage across individuals and groups for adoption programs.

  • Custom Branding

    Brand your experience with custom messages or go all the way with an integrated app using Onsight Embedded.

  • Privacy Control

    Option to control which users can capture images and create recordings.

  • TeamLink

    Connect users across different networks with TeamLink.

  • Bandwidth Control

    Set maximum bandwidth levels to control usage and customize configurations.

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